Best Movie Games, Cards, and Slots

Movies have always been a great form of entertainment for people from every location around the world and with thousands of movies having been made in past years and tons of new releases, there is always something new and exciting to offer a thrilling viewing experience. Some movies have become so popular that they have led to the development of video games, toys, board games and have even been the chosen theme for slots that are played at land casinos and online. There are many great movie games that are inspired by movies, allowing gamers to enjoy the action of a great film while engaging in exciting gameplay.

Games Based on Hit Movies

Games and movies fit together quite naturally and there have been many movies created based on board games and many games based on movies. Some of the most successful movies have been based on toys and games from the past, such as Toy Story, a great animated movie that was completely constructed around toys from our younger years. On the flip side, movies are often the inspiration for new movie games and toys and with some great flicks having been made over the years, there are many amazing movie board games that are based on some of the hottest movies of all time. Some of the best movie games offer hours of entertainment and make use of main characters so players can relate to the film while enjoying the game.

The best movie games are those that capture the setting of the movie and highlight the characters and the plot. There have been many board games developed that have been based entirely on movies and here, we cover some of the best that has ever been created. Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game is a great game choice for fantasy and science fiction fans. This board game used cards to create different scenarios for up to 5 players. Another great game based on a movie is Star Wars - Imperial Assault. This board game is for 2 to 5 players and can also be played as a miniature combat game. Some of the other best movie games include Star Trek Catan Board Game, Beowulf: The Movie Board Game and The Battle of Five Armies.

Video Games with Movie Themes

Players not only have the ability to enjoy board games that are based on movies, but there are some amazing video games that also are based on hit movies. Gamers from all over the world will have many choices when they are seeking movie-based video games and there are a number of genres that can be enjoyed. Some of the best-rated video games ever created have been based on movies and this continues to be a popular theme for newer movie games that are being released.

There are a number of best-rated video games that have been made from the same movie, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. There are multiple versions of these games that are still being plated today and they are available in different consoles as well as on PCs. There have also been many card games created based on older movies and films. Players who love Disney movies will find a large assortment of titles, including Toy Story, Aladdin, The Lion King and other hit titles. Players who like Science fiction card games will enjoy different Star Trek and Star Wars movie games. There are also Bond based games, offering endless action and excitement. Video games are often created to appeal to a large group of gamers and by offering a movie theme, more players will already be familiar with the setting and plot, making the game desirable.

Slots that Feature Movie Themes

Slots attract a huge number of players both online and at land casinos and the leading software developers are always designing new games that will appeal to players. These games can come in many forms and they offer different themes, but movie-themed games are quite popular with many players. These movie games are licensed by the film companies and offer amazing action and exciting bonus features that can lead to high payouts. Movie themed games often use clips from the movies as intros to the game and players will see familiar characters and icons that represent the movie.

The best software providers will develop movie games that offer intense gaming and great graphics and animations. Some of the more popular movie slots include Jurassic Park from Microgaming, The Mummy by Playtech, Bridesmaids by Microgaming, Scarface and Creature of the Black Lagoon from Net Entertainment and Titanic by Bally. These are just a few great movie themed slots that can be enjoyed and there are hundreds of others from some of the best software developers in the gaming industry.