Different Movie-Themed Card Games

Movie geeks are now treated with a different kind of entertainment through the form of table top games. They can now challenge themselves and test their knowledge about movies by playing movie themed playing cards right in their own homes.

There are now various movie-themed card games in the industry. Some of these are prominent titles which feature exceptional game features and gameplays. Here are some of the most popular movie-themed board games available in the market today.

Scene It?

This is considered as one of the most exciting movie-themed games today. Scene It? is a category game which hosts eight different sets of questions for players to answer. Some of the categories involve the use of the included DVD in the game set. Players are required to watch clips and answer the succeeding questions - such as identifying famous movie titles from several frames shown on the screen.

Scene It? is currently available in various variants themed after poplar movies and TV series like Harry Potter, Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, and 007.

AMC Reel Clues

AMC Reel Clues challenges its players in recognizing movies based on several hints provided by this board game. Players can also enjoy this game by either doing imitations or sketching clues to find their answers. There are three other activities which can help players identifying answers - and excite them at the same time.

Double Feature

Another title making its name among popular movie themed playing cards today is Double Feature. This card category game can host up to 10 players, in its 20 to 30 minute game time. Players get to pick two cards from the deck and name a movie which has the two drawn cards. These cards are categories which include character names, locations, genre, and production details - like scene, prop, and setting. These categories will help them in identifying various correct answers to earn points.

Mad About Movies

Mad About Movies is another famous trivia card game which hosts different categories for its players. These include game categories like Quotes, Who's Who, Directors, Reel Knowledge, and In the Movies. Players need to answer various trivia questions under these categories to earn points and win.

Hollywood's Reel Schpeel

This popular trivial game produced by Game Geste tests its players' knowledge in movies and celebrities. Hollywood's Reel Schpeel features movie lines from different films and characters. Players need to deliver and read through these lines for their teammates to identify and score points. It is a terrific game for players who are looking for charade-like actions in their board game sessions.

Hollywood Blockbuster or Traumfabrik

In Hollywood Blockbuster or Traumfabrik, players get to choose and assemble their own crew members from the director up to its cast. They place wagers on these characters to produce the best Hollywood movies and earn points. Traumfabrik, also known as the Dream Factory, is currently produced and distributed by Hasbro in Germany.


Movie fanatics will also get excited with the Cinelinx card game. This game has 220 cards in its game set which are consist of various film titles, actor names, popular movie scenes, directors, themes, and famous movie lines. There are also Double Feature, Wild, and Director's cards available in the set to keep the game exciting for its players.

Players are given with ten playing cards and a generic genre card is played to start the game. They will take turns on placing their cards on the table and explaining their connections with each other. They can also use their Director's card to either discard a card in hand or force another player to draw a card. However, if players fail to explain the connection of their card, they need to draw extra cards from the remaining deck. The player who empties his/her hand first, wins the game.

This game can be played by two to six players and can be played within 60 minutes or less.

Players can also expect different game expansions of this terrific card game which host additional categories and genres. Several developers are now aiming to release these developments in the near future.

There are other similar themed tabletop games which can be enjoyed by movie fanatics. These include famous titles like Game of Thrones the Board Game, Marvel Legendary - Deck Building Game, Wonders Board Game, Pandemic, The Hobbit, Ghost Stories, Star Wars: Rebellion, and many more. They can readily avail these movie-themed games in the market today.