Gifts for Movie Lovers

There are various items and gifts available today which will truly excite any movie lover at heart. These may include exclusive movie merchandises, freebies, movie perks, as well as premier passes of their favorite movies. But aside from these movie-themed items, there are numerous unique finds in any gift shop which will brighten any film enthusiast's day. Here are some of the best gifts for movie lovers available in our market today which may be given in any celebrations or occasions.

Movie box sets

These are considered as one of the most common, yet best gift deals to be given to any movie lover out there. Movie boxset is usually composed of several movies - usually from a popular franchise - sold in sets. One of the popular selections up-to-date is the movie collection from Marvel Studios which include movies featuring the famous trio of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Movie lovers will definitely get hook on several movie phases released by Marvel Studios which include some of the other known superhero titles in their universe such as Ant-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, The Avengers Series, and many others.

Marvel Studios boxsets also offer special edition clips and movie releases from them. They also include exclusive merchandises like posters and postcards of their favorite characters and movies.

Aside from Marvel Studios, there are other popular boxsets in the market like collections of James Bond and Harry Potter movies.

Movie Gadgets

Other than the actual movie copies, film lovers will also get excited on technical equipment given to them. These include technical gadgets like the television, DVD player, and sound bar which will notch their viewing experience to a better one. Aside from these key items, there are also other supplementary gadgets which will give them this one-of-a-kind experience.

Movie lovers - even those who are not - will definitely admire anyone who will gift them one of the most important parts of any entertainment setup at home - the television set. There are numerous television brands available in the market today. Thus, identifying which brand is the best and the most recommended one is still difficult as viewers have their ow preferences. However, the viewing crowd is usually advised to at least avail of the latest TV installment which highlight its top-notch functions and features.

Moreover, those who are technical TV users may be given with the Roku smartphone app which helps in tweaking and adjusting television settings to produce a great projection or picture. Roku is now available for an affordable price.

Movie lovers should have a reliable player which can support any television set, as well as Dolby Vision materials. There are more technical players which have more props and features compared with the conventional ones. These include Bluetooth, WiFi, and ethernet functions. Other players have built-in speakers in them to treat its viewers to a full package deal.

They can also expect a dependable sound bar which complete their feat of having the best movie experience ever. Aside from providing quality sound and effects, several sound bars today are managing efforts to create more enticing and appealing appearances to their market. There are also other features which highlight its functionality as a sound-providing device.

Other unique devices to gift movie lovers include portable popcorn makers, themed wine racks, projectors, Thor hammer inspired tool set, and much more.

Movie-based Toys

Movie enthusiasts will also amuse themselves with various movie-themed toys and collectibles available today. These include popular collections of Funko models which are popular among enthusiasts and collectors. Some of the most popular Funko selections belong to mainstream movies, popular series, and even regular television shows. These miniature models of these well-known characters may be considered as one of the best gifts for movie lovers.

Other movie character-inspired toys in the market include an app-enabled R2-D2 Droid which definitely excite any Star Wars fan. This R2-D2 droid is Bluetooth-enabled which can be controlled with the use of any compatible smartphone. R2-D2 can move around the area seamlessly while performing some of its robotic antics and sounds. There is also a droid model of BB-8 from the movie, The Force Awakens.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 fans will also get to enjoy the adorable Groot firsthand with its mechanical, dancing toy. Dancing Groot toy can be seen dancing - similar with what his doing on the film - to popular soundtracks from the movie. He can also detect external beats which can light him up and let loose a dance move.