Movie-Themed Toy Collections

Action figures are considered as one of the most influential toy category available in the market today. People from different generations - from children to those who are young at heart - will surely get excited on these sets of toys. These are usually modeled after some of the popular characters featured in television programs, video games, and even comic books. Nonetheless, the most sought category of these toy collectibles are movies action figures or those who are based in famous film hits.

But before these movie themed toys made its impact in the industry, it is essential for anyone to know the history of these action figures. Here's a brief timeline on its developments through time.

History of Movie Action Figures

The first known action figure ever developed based from a movie was based on a popular secret agent film dating back 1964. AC Gilbert produced a model of James Bond from the movie James Bond 007: Goldfinger.

These classic figures can now be sold between $200 to $600 each depending on its rarity and collection value. Experienced movies action figures collectors are definitely after these rare finds which can rake them huge amounts from trades.

Aside from AC Gilbert, another knowns action figure developer back then was Mego. They have produced toy collections from films like Planet of the Apes and Wizard of Oz between 1973 to 1975. These movie-based action figures still remain popular options for toy collectors and enthusiasts who are looking for hard to find figures which can be sold at premium costs.

On the other hand, the most prominent action figure lines ever produced - and are still being produced today - in the industry are from various Star Wars installments. These include models of famous characters of this sci-fi film which were also the pioneer of sporting the standard size of 3.5 inch high for toy figures. This subsequently became a trend among manufacturers and veer away from towering 1 foot tall figures.

Other Prominent Action Figure Lines

Aside from the abovementioned labels, here are other prominent movies action figures which made an impact in the toy industry and market.

Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends is a collection of known Marvel superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk. This toy package was produced in 2002 which included the action figures stored in a durable package and base for the figures to be secured. There are also comic books available with these sets for its enthusiasts and collectors.

There are also unique and rare Marvel Legends collections available in the market today.

Marvel Heroes

But before Marvel Legends made its mark, a classic Marvel collection was made available in the industry. Marvel Heroes features the characters of Captain America, Daredevil, Spiderman, and Iron Man. This set highlighted the functional capabilities of these action figures. There were versions of the Spiderman which allow the web-sling superhero to hang on walls and even shoot webs; as well as the popular Iron Man with a removeable armor set.

DC Universe Classics

On the other hand, DC Comics also launched its own collection of figurines with DC Universe Classics. Its developers, Mattle and Four Horsemen Studios, produced its full line of minor and major characters - as well as rare ones - under their franchise in 2007.

DC Universe Classics also boasts its collect-and-connect feature on some its action figures which allows users to build larger and realistic figures compared from the initial one. These figures can also be articulated in any position the user wants with its unique articulation feature.

Super Powers

Another classic line of DC Comics action figures developed way back 1984 was Super Powers. This toy line featured almost all DC superheroes present in the comics, as well characters from New Gods as its enemies.

Super Powers also hosted this unique feature wherein users can move its arms and legs while squeezing a part of the model. There were also exclusive merchandises - such as shirts, caps, and watches - released together with this toy line.


Toy Biz, a renowned toy producer, released the toy line of X-Men in 1991 to ride along with its popularity in the comics and television. These action figures were considered as the one of the most expensive toy line in the market back then; as well the most decorated ones in terms of its unique articulation features.

There are other known action figure lines of Spiderman, Batman, The Justice League, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles released in the market. These toy lines are also available in Lego forms wherein users can build and create versions of their favorite comics and movie characters.